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Start Here Wedding Cake and CupcakesCongratulations on Your Engagement!
What an exciting time and a wonderful opportunity to celebrate with friends, family and loved ones. As a family-owned bakery, weddings hold a special place in our heart. We have been the baker of choice for many family celebrations from birthdays to more. When that first birthday celebrant is now planning their wedding with us, we are so honored. Whether this is your first time visiting us or we've been a part of your family events, we are excited to be a part of your wedding day. From our family to yours, Congratulations!

A Trusted Monterey Bay Baking Institution
We are a second-generation family-owned and operated bakery; and have earned Exclusive or Preferred Bakery from more than 25 wedding and reception venues throughout the Monterey Bay area. Our great tasting and beautiful cakes, tireless dedication, and reliability on wedding days have earned us a spot in The Knot's Hall of Fame - the only bakery in both the Monterey / Bay Area to receive this honor.

When it comes to the wedding cake for your big day, we have a dedicated Wedding Team to assist you. Please understand that while our storefront staff is naturally helpful, they are not always able to answer all your wedding cake questions. If you have specific questions, please email our Wedding Team at or call 831-722-5691.

We make it easy - START HERE!
Wedding planning really can be overwhelming, but we like to think our bakery makes the wedding cake decision pretty simple. The first question is if you want a cake, dessert bar or cupcakes? What does that all mean? If you are still figuring that out, Let's Talk Cake. But if you know you want a wedding cake, there are three simple steps...

Tasting Cake Slice1 - Choose your wedding cake flavor/s. 
Good tasting cake matters. We love it when our wedding cake is the talk of your wedding day, not only because our couples love the cake but also because it makes them look good to their guests.
Pro Tip: We recommend you keep your flavor choices to no more than two. See our Wedding Cake Menu for flavors or if you want to sample our wedding cakes, Order an In-Home Tasting Plate or see how to Schedule a Tasting & Consultation.

wedding cake design icon2 - Decide on your wedding cake design. 
If you already have a vision of your cake design, simply email your inspiration photos to our Wedding Team. If you don't know yet, browse our Wedding Collections and we'll send you a quote!

Pro Tip: When looking at online inspo photos, don't get stuck on the cake color but focus on the style. We can decorate with your wedding color/s on any design. You might see a lot of fondant cakes online so when sending us your inspo, let us know if you really want the fondant or just the design. Fondant does give the design a particular look, but it is more expensive. Of course, some designs just can't be achieved without fondant but you'll be surprised what our decorators can do without fondant!    

Wedding Booking icon3 - Book your wedding cake! 
If we are your bakery of choice, simply Secure the Date. This deposit locks your date in our calendar. The final balance is due no later than 4 weeks before your wedding day. Any other details of the order must also be finalized at the 4-week mark.
Pro Tip: We recommend you Secure the Date with us no later than 3 to 4 months before your wedding day.  

Budgeting Your Wedding Cake
We keep it simple to help you budget for your wedding cake. Budget Friendly is when you are comfortable with picking up the cake from our bakery. Full Service is when you don't want to compromise delivery. We adjust our staffing and delivery schedule to securely drop off your wedding cake on the day of. We coordinate a delivery schedule and communicate with your venue prior, so you don't have to worry. Please see our Delivery Area to make sure your venue is within our service area.   

Our Menus (Cake, Cupcake, Dessert Bar) all include pricing to help you calculate for your specific guest size. In general, our buttercream iced wedding cakes are comparable in price to serving cupcakes while dessert bars are higher in price. If you're deciding on which, Let's Talk Cake

Still Have Questions?
If your vision is a lot more than we've covered, no worries! Our dedicated Wedding Team can walk you through, from helping you decide what wedding cake or dessert menu and presentation fits in your vision. You can contact our Wedding Team for additional questions. 

Refunds & Cancellations
You may cancel or make changes to your order up until 4 weeks before your wedding date. If you need to cancel your order, with more than a 4-week notice, payments are fully refundable (less the $100 non-refundable deposit). If you contact us with less than 4 weeks before your wedding date, we cannot provide a refund. Please understand all wedding cake orders are custom made and we plan out all our staffing and production weeks in advance. NO REFUNDS OR CANCELLATIONS WITHIN 4 WEEKS OF WEDDING DATE. If you need to make changes on your order (ie: flavors, size, etc.), let us know before 4-weeks of your wedding date so we can best accommodate. No changes within 4 weeks of the wedding date.