Specialty Cake Menu

Our Specialty Cakes are 4.5" tall. Order 10-days in advance. Our Specialty Cake Menu  is a delicious selection of flavors made with our Classic Cakes and Buttercream. Our Classic Cakes are moist with perfect the density, giving you a satisfying bite. Paired with any of our listed flavors, it leaves a velvety taste in your mouth, leaving you craving for more. We recommend you choose 1-2 flavors for multi-tiered cakes. Unfortunately, we do not offer chiffon or whipped cream cakes with our Specialty Cake menu.

Fresh strawberries are available upon request. Strawberry slices are sprinkled (not packed) onto each filling layer. Our cakes are softer so too many strawberries will cause it to sink. Strawberry Icon


W1 - MANGO COCONUT MOUSSE Strawberry Icon 
A refreshing burst of flavors! This Classic White Cake filled with Mango Coconut Mousse will pleasantly surprise you with a light tropical sweetness.
A perfect pair! This Classic White Cake filled with Raspberry preserve and Italian Lemon Mousse is the most popular white cake amongst our fans. The berry flavor and the sweet tartness is the perfect kiss on your lips.
W3 - STRAWBERRY MOUSSE Strawberry Icon 
A sweet classic. This Classic White Cake filled with Strawberry Mousse is creamy and simply delicious. If you like strawberries, then you’ll love this cake! Our recommended cake if you are interested in adding fresh strawberries (+$).
W4 - BAVARIAN CREAM Strawberry Icon 
Simple but irresistible. This Classic Cake filled with Bavarian Cream will please even the pickiest of eaters. Our famous Bavarian Cream is so good, it’s all you need with a white or chocolate cake choice for a crowd pleaser. For a more complex flavor, order it with both white and chocolate cakes.

Blissful! One bite of this Classic White Cake filled with Matcha Green Tea Cream will send a smile throughout your entire soul. The earthy taste of green tea and familiar bittersweetness will warm your soul.

Made with love! This Classic Cake filled with a layer of Raspberry preserve and Amaretto Mousse is a love story in your tastebuds. With white cake, it has a light fruity spin. With chocolate cake, the flavor adds an extra level of sophistication.

A whole LAT-TE yumminess! This Classic Cake filled with a layer of Latte Chocolate Ganache and Belgian Chocolate Mousse Cream is a barista’s dream cake. With white cake, it’s well balanced like a morning brew. With chocolate, it adds a boldness perfect for special occasions.

For the young and young at heart! This Classic Cake filled Belgian White Chocolate Cream and blended with Oreo Cookie Crumbles tastes just as you remember but better. There is no wrong way to eat this cake, with white and/or chocolate cake!

W9 - BOSTON CREAM PIE Strawberry Icon 
This American classic is so fun. A cake named “pie” but surprisingly reminds us of a fresh baked donut! Cake, pie and donut fans love this Classic White Cake filled with a layer of Belgian Chocolate Ganache and our famous Bavarian Cream. One of our most popular flavor for those undecisive taste testers.

A Southern cake made rich and velvety. Our Red Velvet Cake has been elevated with a Belgian White Chocolate Cream Cheese Mousse filling. This cake is moist, creamy, and everything to look for in a Red Velvet Cake. One of the best you'll ever tried!

Aka the “Monterey”. One bite of this Classic Chocolate Cake with a layer of Belgian Chocolate Ganache and Chocolate Mousse will explain why. A true chocolate cake with rich flavors, each layer uniquely different. The ganache is decadent, the chocolate mousse is creamy. All balanced with our moist chocolate cake.

Party in your mouth! We’ve kept the fun and refined the flavor of this childhood classic. We’ve elevated the recipe! Made with our Classic White Cake baked with Funfetti sprinkles and filled with Funfetti sprinkles and cream, with an added touch of Belgian White Chocolate. A smooth bite with crunches of the sprinkles. Better than what you remember!

PRICE INCLUDES one flavor & standard buttercream decoration. Pricing on our online products are as listed. For designs requiring custom quotes, Pricing listed below is the starting price. Additional charges may apply depending on your design in mind. +$40 per additional flavor. 4.5” SHEET CAKES: $3.75/person. 20 slice min. and ordered in increments of 10. 

FRESH FRUITS are available for additional cost. Please inquire.