Professionalism Matters

Professionalism Matters

Since 1975, we have seen many trends throughout the years. As trends change, our quality product and service remain to be our staple. In this age of social media, know that we are professionals who work with professionals. 

You have many choices when it comes to selecting your wedding vendors.

  • We are a full retail bakery so you can count on us to be there. We respond quickly by email, or you can always call us. and someone will answer.

  • We are not cottage bakers who bake from home with limited availability and staffing. Things do happen, but know we have a team here to service you so you don't have to deal with unexpected changes on your wedding day.

  • Venues expect a reliable bakery vendor. We are proud of our relationship with the venues. We have proven to be the bakery that doesn't give our partners extra work or worries on the day of the wedding. We also have all the required insurance many venues require of their vendors to operate at their events.

  • Family owned and operated since 1975. Our Wedding Team is led by second generation baker and decorator, Paul; and his wife, Anna. With their experience and corporate backgrounds, they lead our Wedding Team, providing the best service around.

    Our professionalism and reliability have earned us the exclusive or preferred bakery at over 25 venues in the Monterey area. We've earned The Knot's Only Hall of Fame Bakery in both the Monterey and Bay Area

    We also love to see our couple's personality shine through on their wedding cake. We get a lot of questions on "how / what should I do". We will help guide you with our expertise, the latest trends, and with what you really want. We always remind our couples - remember, it's your wedding day! 

    In our professional opinion, we believe your wedding is your day to express who you are as the new couple. Whether something traditional, classic or out of ordinary, with your vision and our experience, we make wedding cake planning a piece of cake!   

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