Corporate Company Store

We make corporate branding easy. A corporate company store is a collection of products with logos and designs specific to your company's marketing efforts. This collection is available only to your offices - locally to nationally. Multiple products are available for purchase and only representatives with your company email is able to make the purchases. We keep it flexible to your company's culture. We can work directly with your corporate offices or allow your local offices to share their products with the rest of your company. This convenience is a valuable tool to help with your company's success!


* We set up an online store only accessible by your company team members.
* Team members make individual purchases and have products shipped directly to their location/s.
* Team members complete payments online directly on their own.
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Still wondering how your company can benefit? Below are just some ideas on how this program was a great asset to our corporate clients!

All Readers Love a Delicious Cookie! 
A measure was passed to grant a collection of libraries to rebuild and make improvements at multiple branches. We used their county library's logo and created a product online. Individual branches ordered directly from our website with their own quantity and in-hand dates needed. It worked so well, they kept their company store for their ongoing year round and summer programs.
Why they loved it: The individual branches did not have to take the time to group their orders or figure out their counts. Each library branch had their own budget from the measure dollars so being able to handle payment directly kept their money within their own spending budgets.

Corporate Company Store | Freedom BakeryOne Design Does Not Always Fit All!
A nationally sales company had multiple different products and had dozens of offices across the nation. We set up a corporate company store with each of their unique products. Their individual sales offices ordered directly online for the design they wanted, the quantities, and the location it was going to.
Why they loved it: Their multiple products all looked similar and had different color labels to identify different versions of their product. Not every region was promoting all the same versions of product. Having a corporate company store allowed their individual sales offices to order the right cookies without question. 

Please free to Contact Us directly with any questions or to start a corporate company store.