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Tasting and Consultation
Cake tasting is one of the best parts of wedding planning! As a family bakery, there is a tremendous amount of pride in serving a wedding cake you and your guests will enjoy and talk about. Just try our cakes and you'll know!

We make our wedding cakes with four layers of cake and three layers of filling. The perfect ratio for a moist and flavorful cake for a satisfying bite. You and your guests will enjoy the whole cake (and not just the middle of a whole cake!). When you order our wedding cake tasting samples, you get the same ratio.

Tasting & Consultation Options that fit your schedule!

  • Email and Quote - This has proven to be most convenient for our busy couples. Our professional Wedding Team works with you by email or phone to finalize any details. You can order an In-home Tasting Plate before or after your inquiry to decide on your cake flavor. 

  • Schedule a Free Phone or Zoom Consultation - This is an ideal option if traveling is limiting for you, but you do want to schedule a meeting with our Wedding Team. You will talk to one of our head Wedding Decorators directly to discuss mainly design ideas. You can share any inspiration cake designs (best to email it in ahead of time) and address any questions. We recommend you try our flavors before your consultation! For general questions, you can contact our Wedding Team directly for a faster response instead of a virtual consultation. 

  • Schedule an In-Person Tasting & Consultation - IT'S BACK! We are thrilled to see our couples in person again. Appointments are available at our Watsonville and Monterey locations. Our Tasting Consultations are prepared with 2-3 people in mind. It usually lasts about 45min - where you'll sample all 12 of our wedding cake flavors and discuss your cake design and vision. In addition, we go over any logistic details. In-person consultations are $50 (+$10 with dessert samples). If you need cake samples for more than 3 guests at the tasting, please email us to order additional tasting plate/s. If you need to cancel or reschedule, 48hr advance notice is required for refund. Unfortunately, if you contact us outside the policy window, you will have to rebook a new appointment. No refunds on late changes and no-shows. We recommend you book your wedding cake no later than 3 to 4 months before your wedding date.

Order an In-home Tasting Plate and enjoy it in the comfort of your own home! You will sample and enjoy twelve (12) of our wedding cake flavors, along with an easy-to-follow description of the flavors you're sampling. If dessert bar is in your vision, you can also order Dessert Samples. Cake Tasting Plates are $25 and Dessert Samples are $10. Dessert samples are available only with purchase of cake samples and not always available for pick up from Monterey showroom. If you need to cancel your order, we require 24hr advance notice for a refund.  

The plate is made with 2 (3 max) people in mind. Our cakes have been thoughtfully put together to hopefully hit flavor notes you never knew you wanted in a cake. While each cake tier can have its own flavor, we recommend no more than two flavors for your wedding. This is for ease of serving. From our experience, when you have more than two different flavors, you will need to account for more cake. 

Cupcakes are not available in the Tasting Plate, but the flavor profile will all be similar. The major difference is that cupcakes are topped with buttercream swirls instead of the mousse filling that is in most of the cakes; and have more of a "bite". Please keep in mind the more cupcake flavors you get, the more quantity you should account for. We recommend no more than 3 cupcake flavors. 

If picking up a Tasting Plate is not in your schedule with any of the above options, you can also simply choose a flavor from our WEDDING CAKE MENU or ask an eager willing friend or family member to be your taste tester! 

Dessert Samples are $10. The flavors provided are our most popular choices and for you try the items' texture and see the actual dessert serving. The cake sample fillings will give you an idea of other available flavors. Fresh berries are provided for you to try with cake fillings. This allows you to get a good idea of the shooter flavors. Must be purchased with Tasting Plate. Not sold separately. 

If you are interested in Custom Cake Samples that are outside of our standard wedding cake offerings, please email us the flavor you have in mind and we will let you know if your request is available. To sample most filling flavors outside of our offerings, you will receive a standard 1/8 sheet cake with our white or chocolate cake for $40. For a custom cake and filling combination, you will receive an 8" round cake (2" tall) for $90. Cakes for both options are simply iced with no decoration and for tasting purposes only. Minimum 2-weeks notice required.