Anniversary Cakes

Whether you decided to save your top tier cake from your wedding day or want a new cake on your anniversary, we are honored to share another milestone with you. Happy Anniversary!

If you didn't follow the "saving top tier" tradition, we still have you covered. Our Wedding Team will help you recreate what your wedding cake was. It's fun to get an anniversary cake that looks and tastes just like your wedding day. If you are one of our past wedding couples, please email us with the following information:

  • Your Wedding Date

  • Wedding Cake Flavor (if you know it) 

  • Photo of the Wedding Cake (if you want to recreate the same cake design)

If recreating the cake design is not a priority, you can simply order a single tier or even a small 1/8 sheet cake with your wedding cake flavor. If you ordered your wedding cake with us within the last five years, we can assist you with your wedding cake flavor details!

If saving the top tier of the wedding cake is part of your tradition, here is our recommendation:

  • After your wedding, put your cake in the freezer for one night. The next morning, plastic wrap the whole cake - cake board and icing; put it in a container with a tight lid and put it in the freezer. Make sure you didn't cut a slice from that cake layer and don't just freeze a slice. The key is keeping air out of the cake.

  • On the morning of your anniversary, take the frozen cake out of the container, remove the plastic wrap and set it to thaw. By dinner, enjoy!

Tradition of Anniversary Cake: Many couples save their top tier cake and freeze it for a year. On their first wedding anniversary, the cake comes out of the freezer and the couple enjoys the rest of their wedding cake on their first wedding anniversary.