Plan Ahead

Specialty CakePLAN AHEAD
Our Specialty Cakes are 4.5" tall and custom made to your size and needs. To ensure stability and best flavor, it requires a 10-day lead time. Our cakes are made with the perfect cake to filling ratio; four layers of cake and three layers of filling!

Cut Cake
Shop online by style, theme or occasion. It's that simple! If you don't see what you want online, please email us for a quote. 

When picking up the cake, please make sure the car has a flat surface and enough height for tall cakes. SUV and minivans are recommended for tiered cakes. Do not put the cake on the car seats or any uneven surface. Never put cake in open pick up truck beds. 

Your cake will be boxed safely in a corrugated box with easy to open access. With careful driving and no sudden stops and turns, we feel most people are comfortable picking up 1-3 tiered cakes. Keep in mind 4-tiered and cakes with fresh fruit filling will tend to be heavier to carry. Please make sure the person picking up the cake is comfortable. 
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