If you have a corporate project that needs delicious baked treats, we're your bakery! From the time of baking to the coordination of shipping, our team will provide the proper attention every step of the way. We know your business is unique and your projects will vary. Our products don't just tastes good, looks good; but you can also trust our delivery and professionalism along the way. 

Contact our Corporate Services Team. Whether you're 3 or 3,000 miles away, we're your neighborhood bakery that you can trust for your corporate needs. Below are just some of the most popular fulfillment requests. 

Unique Delivery Requests:
From single package rush services to multi-location shipping, our cookies can be shipped safely - satisfaction guaranteed! Please contact us asap for rush services. PO Boxes are shipped by USPS and does not have transit time guarantees.  Exact day deliveries are available with overnight shipping only.

  • Drop Shipping (of single items) is generally $3 to $5 per location plus actual ship charges.  It will depend on size of cookie gift box and any additional requirements.

  • Bulk Shipping (of bulk quantities) to different locations is $7-$9 per location plus actual ship charges and any additional requirements. 

  • International Destinations We ship to US and Canada locations only.  For Canadian locations, we ship using only your UPS or FedEx account only so that all duties and custom fees are charged to your account.  $15 per location for paperwork fee.  You cannot order online for Canadian locations.  Please Contact Us to order and we'll process the order manually for you.

Custom Ingredient Cards:
Our cookies are individually cello wrapped and packaged with an ingredient card. We can custom print the other side of the ingredient card with your custom information. Minimum 1,000 cookies. 2-weeks notice, plus transit time to get the cookies to you.  Rush service available. 

3rd Party Product Insertions:
$4 and up, plus actual ship charges depending on the product and packaging requirements needed to combine products for safe shipping.

Marketing Material (Business Cards/Post Cards) Insertions:
No charge if the same for every recipient and it fits in the box we are shipping in.  If larger box is required, additional charge will apply.  $2.50 per recipient if we need to match up material for each recipient.

Company Stores:
If you'd like to use our cookies for projects throughout the year for a company team, we set up products on our website with your pre-approved design. Each team member can order as needed directly online. Must have an official company email to order.

Bulk Holds:
For long term projects that are distributed throughout the year. You benefit from bulk pricing and shipping out fresh cookies only as needed. Quantities can vary at ship-outs but image must be the same for bulk holds. Pre-payment required.

Custom Shaped Cookies:
Available depending on shape and destination. Delivery available throughout California and Las Vegas area.  Areas outside of the delivery area will depend on the requested shape of the cookies. Not all shapes available for shipping. Minimum order does apply.

Baked Goods Office Trays
Our bakery is located at beautiful Monterey Bay.  Our cakes & pastries are available for events within 100 miles of our bakery (San Francisco to Carmel). Minimum product order for delivery in the Monterey Bay area is $600 and $850 product minimum for San Francisco Bay area locations.

For destinations greater than 200 miles from our bakery, we must be able to deliver at least 1 day before the event to account for traffic and delivery logistic issues.

Looking for ideas?!?!
Most of your clients usually already have a project in mind. However, check out our Project Ideas Page for inspiration. We have worked on projects big and small and for wide variety of industries. Our creative team will help you from concept to delivery.  If you're looking for delicious edible gifts, we're your bakery!