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Hours: M-F 10am to 6pm, Sat 9am to 5pm, Sun 9am to 2pm

Accolades & Testimonials - Workday

Global Launch and Celebration Event

Workday, a financial and HR management software vendor based in Pleasanton, CA, wanted to get everyone talking about their company wide initiative to standardize on Slack for all communications. The implementation team thought treats carrying the "Slack" message would be a great conversation starter and would help toward increasing awareness and speed up full platform adoption. Below is feedback Workday was kind enough to provide for our involvement in the event...

At Workday in Pleasanton California we were planning a massive celebration in dozens of offices across the country and around the world. For this we were sending out batches of hundreds of custom designed cookies to our remote offices and with large sheet cakes in our home offices in San Mateo, San Francisco, and Pleasanton California. We contacted the Freedom Bakery team who brilliantly orchestrated the creation of 2000 delicious cookies with custom designs to our specifications, along with 36 full-sheet cakes, also with perfectly rendered custom designs, and delivered them on-time for our event.

Paul and the team at Freedom Bakery were completely professional, highly responsive, and were extremely conscientious at every stage in the ordering and delivery: from recommendations on flavors, to double-checking the quality of the image files we sent them for the cakes and cookies, to planning out the delivery logistics with us hand-in-hand to assure efficiency and minimal chance for delays and mistakes.

The Freedom Bakery team went over and above and actually hand-delivered cakes literally to our doors, and then assisted us in placing the cakes in over 30 kitchens across multiple floors in ten different office buildings at our HQ in Pleasanton, in addition to sending deliveries to San Mateo and San Francisco.

So not only was the ordering, creation, and delivery perfectly executed, but the final products were decadent and delicious. The vanilla cookies were very flavorful and the design looked great. The Salted Caramel cake flavor that we ordered was a massive hit with our staff. In asking for reviews, this is just a small excerpt of what was said:

“It’s like the best cake I’ve ever had!”
“One of the best cakes I have ever had!!”
“Holy cow!”

We’d recommend Freedom Bakery to anyone, but especially any organizations thinking about large events who want a reliable, responsible team that’s going to deliver with high-quality to order!

Many thanks to Paul and Freedom Bakery for making our celebration a massive success.

Alex James